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Ukraine Native Religion Confession

Native Religion Confession"Rodove Vognyshche"

Andriy Popyk
Rodove Vognyshche Ridnoi Pravoslavnoi Viry


Competent spiritual association (church) was registered by Ukrainian state committee of religion in April 30, 2005, certificate #13. The Confession Rodove Vognyshche Ridnoi Pravoslavnoi Viry  blessed by our Fathers (alive carriers of ancient Slavic belief) started its open activity in June 2003, when the wizards, priests and soothsayers of the outside circle gathered  on the sent mountain Bogyt (the place, where the idol Zbrytskiy Svitovyt stood for a long time).

After the ceremony of consecration of the supreme wizard of Ukraine Volodymyr (V. Kurovskiy), spiritual leaders announced to the world about the formation of the Confession Rodove Vognyshche Ridnoi Pravoslavnoi Viry. In May 22, 2004 twenty Ukrainian communities gathered in Kiev and decided to register the Confession Rodove Vognyshche Ridnoi Pravoslavnoi Viry as a spiritual union of ancient Slavic Religion believers at the state institutions. 

Today, Rodove Vognyshche is a spiritual union of 84 communities, which are on different stages of formation. 15 communities are officially registered; the others are being in the process of registration. There are organized groups of adherents of Rodove Vognyshche in Russia, Byelorussia, Serbia and Germany. Some groups from Krasnodar, Stavropol (Russia) and the Republic of Slovenia are being in the process of formation. 

Rodove Vognyshche is headed by the successor of ancient sorcer generation from Podillya Volodymyr Kurovsliy. The supreme wizard of Ukraine - Volodymyr is a carrier of Svarog tradition, the line of endless spiritual studying, which was started by God Svarog himself.

The Ukrainian Union is divided into three territories: Kiev, Zaporizhya and WestUkrainian  territory of Rodove Vognyshche. 

The native religion believers carry out a feverish publishing, predicant and building work. Since the year 2003 there were published a few books, partly “With Gods in Tryglav”, “Small prayer-book of Native Pravopraise Religion”, “Vedic Pravoprasing:  our way to the God”, “Goddess birth”. There are also published confession magazine “Rodove Vognyshche” and spiritual herald “Tryglav”.

One of most noted public actions of the Confession Rodove Vognyshche was opening of God Yarylo temple on the mountain Horevytsya (Castle mountain) in the centre of Kiev (24.09.2006) and God Svarog temple in the centre of city Khmelnitskiy (24.09.2006). The temples are announced by native religion believers and are avowed by the government as the places of pilgrimage.

Alongside the Confession Rodove Vognyshche there were founded two academies, spiritual scientific institutions: Native believers Academy of beliefknowing (PRAV) and the Academy   of personal developmentRodosvit.

Native believers Academy of beliefknowing (PRAV)
Native believers Academy of beliefknowing (PRAV) – the highest spiritual scientific institution, started its activity in January 2006. It prepares the preachers of Native Pravopraise Belief and administrative workers for Rodove Vognyshche communities.
Preparing our preachers since their young years, we bring them into a chain of endless spiritual knowledge transmission that stretches from God Svarog through Bogumyr and Slavunya, Slavic Saviours to the wizards of outside circle. Only those who pass the studying of Rodosvit system and consist in studying relations with the supreme wizard of Ukraine Volodymyr can become spiritual preachers.

PRAV was founded and functions alongside the Confession Rodove Vognyshche. The sorcerers of Vedic Pravopraising head the Academy. Except for them famous Pravopraising leaders and some teachers of temporal scientific institutions can teach the Academy students. The Academy graduators get a high-quality Slavic Vedic education, confirmed by a considerable practice. After successful exams passing and trials the students are presented with a diploma of a higher spiritual education.
Currently, there are two groups from Russia and Ukraine in the first year of studying. Studying lasts for 4 years in a form of seven days’ seminars three times a year. Except for lectures and practices the Academy students pass exams and tests in the following disciplines: “Vedic studying about the World construction”
“Meditation and watching”
“Rodolad. Family upbringing”
“Rodolad. The Slavonian’ rules of sent space construction
Herbage studying
Rune characters
Slavic Vedic calendar
“Devotions studying”
“ Singing ceremonies”
Slavic Vedic theology
Slavic-Aryan anthropology”
“Healing nature”
“Comparative religion studying”
Practical psychology
Community management
“Rodosvit – personal spiritual development”
Slavic-Aryan history
Studying is carried out in Ukrainian, Russian and English in picturesque places of Black Sea seaside (Crimea). About studying in Ukrainian or Russian please contact with mister Bogumyr Mykolaiv: +380662723163, 29000, Ukraine, misto Hmelnystkyi, Golovposhtamp, a/s 34; in English please contact miss Oriyana Pylypchak: +38 097 70 41 284 –

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