Vij, Dieviņi, Zelta viju visgarām jūras malu,
Lai nenāca sveša salna šai zemē ziedu traukt.

Poland, Slavonic Faith

Poland, Slavonic Faith

Wiktor Lwowski

We are the West-Slavian Confessional Association „ Slavonic Faith”


We are the West-Slavian Confessional Association  „ Slavonic Faith”.
We came from , and we want to thanks for invitation.
We cultivate Our Ancestors Tradition in accordance with Slavonic calendar.
21 of March - spring equinox (Jarylos Wedding)
21-22 of Jun – summer solstice  (Night of Kupala)
23 of September - autumn equinox (vesture)
24 of November – Ancestors Rite (forefathers)
21-22 of December –winter solstice (generous evening)
And lots of smaller rites.
We are the living proof of that, in spite of everything, ancient tradition is living in our memory.
We want to present Our Denomination of Faith:
Slavonic Faith, It’s Soil, It’s Mother,
It’s Ancestors Remains.
Slavonic Faith, It’s Water, It’s Blood.
It’s Our Heritage.
Slavonic Faith, It’s a Fire, It’s Strength,
It’s Clean Soul.
Slavonic Faith, It’s Wind, It’s Memory,
It’s an Eternal Time.
Slavonic Faith, It’s to pay tribute to Gods,
It’s Offering, It’s Glory.
Slavonic Faith, It’s Harvest from Fertile Soil,
It’s Cycle, It’s Rite.
Slavonic Faith, It’s the last Ancestors Breathe,
It’s the First words of Offspring.
Slavonic Faith, It’s an Oak and and Linden Braid together,
It’s Family, It’s Union.

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