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Unite of Veneds

Unite of Veneds

Fedosov Viktor Kirillovich
Purposes and Tasks of the "Unite of Veneds"

The perfomance of Fedosov Viktor Kirillovich, the elder of the "Unite of Veneds " (Russia, Saint-Petersburg) on the World Congress of Ethnical Religions, Jurmala, Latvia, June 19-20, 2007

We live in the epoch of the global ignoring of all national (ethnical) cultures in a favour of the strongest of our world, who forms the united world culture and religion of "New age" to control and govern all our Planet.  But the world culture will never be a single, united complex, arranged according to a previously projected plan. It is an absurd, it is a death verdict to all human culture, which can not be holistic, but formed gradually during the history from the number of different mutating cultures of small and great nations, in different way influencing on each other. 

The Modern culture of many millions Russian people, with a numerous ancient traditions, has dissolved, as sugar, in different international cultural influences. Russian nation was historically situated in the most enormous territory, in contrast with the Europe , which is squeezed within its frameworks, and therefore is perceived as deprived by God.

Russian people like open-hearted giant very little care about themselves. What Dostoevskiy has noticed in Pushkin speech, is that Russian people care about the fate of all mankind. As a result, radical, ethnic base of Russian culture came to the terrible condition and not, certainly, without the hostile "help". Russian people nowadays, especially during the post-soviet period, are transforming in a “small nation" (in national-spiritual sense of this notion).The modern government of demonstrates their indifference to original national Russian culture.

We have not our own national holidays on the State level, as others nations have. The achievements of Russian classicists in music, literature and art are ignored in favour of anything else. The Spiritual Russian people are considered to be “the same as others". But there was the period of time, when Russian people were considered to be the standard of the spiritual beauty and moral purity. And every nation fades and perishes without its own culture.

The death of Russian nation, of Great Russian nation, including all transformed in Russian people, is may be pleasant for somebody. But Russian people themselves - Indo-Aryan pagans, veneds, descendants of the tillers - don’t want our Fatherland, climatic severe and difficultly cultivated, to change, together with the death of Russian nation, for long years or centuries in vacant lot, robbed by everybody.

"Union of Veneds" was created spontaneously, at critical time, by people rooting for Russian nation, for protection and saving national culture of Russian people.

"Union of Veneds" was founded during the first Vetche (meeting) of people, worshiped to Sun. This event took place on June 19 in 1990 in St-Petersburg. Organizer and inspirator of "Union of Veneds" was Bezverhiy Viktor Nikolaevich (1930 - 2000), a candidate to the degree of the professor of Philosophical Sciences.

The Purposes of "Union of Veneds” are an awakening of cultural-historical memory of Russian people, solving of Slavonic and Aryan common ideological questions.

"Union of Veneds" works activily in Saint-Petersburg and in local communes: mostly in the north-west of (Saint-Petersburg, Pskov and Veliky Novgorod), as well as in other cities of Central and Southen , Siberia and Far East .

In 1990 the founders of the organization began to publish the newspaper, named as "Rodnye prostory" ("Native elbowrooms"), and the journal "Volhv" ("Magus"), discussed the confessional questions. For instance, one of the special issue of the journal - "Zlatye peruni" ("Volhv" № 20, 1998) – is an anthology of poetical texts of slavic-german-finnish mythology. In the other issue ("Volhv " № 23, 2001) the Russian translation of the work of Vladimir Shayan about Velesova Book was published.

"Union of Veneds" nowadays publishes the newspaper "Yar" (the name etymologically goes back to the bright (“yarkiy” in Russian) solar energy and image of the spring sowings).

In 1992 V.N. Bezverhiy within the framework of "Union of Veneds" created the “Stronghold of Nationbeliefs” – the Confessional unity of Sun-worship people, descendants of the tillers. It is within this action that V.N. Bezverhiy initiated the rebirth of priests - future spiritual elite of , and put the foundation to the creation of united spirit (egregor) - “Poyas Svaroga” ("Belt of Svarog") - of Russian nation.

During the 17 years "Union of Veneds" has been delievering the special lectures, named as "Svetovit", dedicated to the most actual subjects about Russian and world culture, history, and modern science achievements.

"Union of Veneds" organizes and conducts the holidays of the Sun cycle. It also has many developed rites and traditions, and special researches in these fields.

In 1980 at St-Petersburg (then in Leningrad) Bezverhiy Viktor Nikolaevich together with Yurievskiy Oleg Evgenievich in the Day of Summer Solstice set down in the water of Neva-river burning wheel, so they marked the beginning of the renaissance of the Native Faith in Russia.

Unlike the faith in creating God (the monotheism of Jude), veneds believe in cycle rotation of the Universe, believe in idea of eternal returning that is symbolized by Svarga-swastika. We know (“vedaem”, so one of the names of paganism - vedism) that Nature is beginless and endless, Nature is eternal, it is the Divine. Divinity of the Nature reveals itself in different images. "Union of Veneds", for instance, have canonized eleven images of Divine Power of the Nature. They are: Svarog, Perun, Svetovit, Hors, Lada, Veles, Dazhdbog, Simargl, Stribog, Makosh and Rod.

In the world paganism there are a lot of different Divine names (classical and Rome are especially famous for its "polytheism"). But all pagans Gods are equal and they all united in Svarga, in Svarog, in the united Space Light. This Space Light created ("Svarganil") itself. Moreover, all the Gods are natural. The Pagans believe in Divine power of the Nature, which has created them all.

Russian people, realizing their links with this Divine Nature, in the myths of "Vlesova Book", in "Word about Igor’s Regiment" name itself as the grandsons of Dazhdbog, and, thus, God’s sons.

"Unite of Veneds" can not exist without contemporary social life. It studies the concept of original development of Fatherland, ideological and ethnical recovery of Russian nation.

The base of “Unite of Veneds" worldoutlook is certanly, the faith of ancestors, Russian original tradition. The theoretical base of modern views on person and society is the series from 11 books under the general name of "Books of magi", written and formed by V.N. Bezverhim. It is "Anthropology", "Sociology", "History of Philosophy", "Philosophy", "History of religions", "Philosophy of history", "Astrology", "Ethics" and "Estetics”. "Rigveda" is formed using the materials of YU.P. Mirolyubova; with the help of significant scientist manuscript "Physicists" was prepared.

"Unite of Veneds" is the single structure of Native Faith, based on theoretical worldoutlook - a heritage of Bezverhiy. It is not accidentally, that those, who have ever been in touch with "Unit of Veneds", have forever remained the Native-faith person.

There are also a Honourable veneds in organization, for instance, Pavel Vladimirovich Tulaev (Buyan), awarded this ranks for his historical researches and publications about veneds, the Slavic ancestors.

"Unity of Veneds" actively increases the friendship relations, leads an extensive correspondence and communicate with ideological supporters in , , , Europe, and ; annually participates in forums of Generic Slavonic Vetche (meeting).

"Unit of Veneds" forms the alliance of like-minded people, where there is no place to ambitions, but only to cooperation and mutual help. Our general purpose is the following: living in Russian way, thinking in Russian way, acting in Russian way, following ancient traditions, honouring the memory of Ancestors; being moral and always try to help without any fluctuations to Russian people in every situation.

In pagan worldoutlook there is no place to cowardice, egoism, and mean, base people - Russian people have always lived according to the conscience. Conscience substituted the laws. Russian ethnic culture contains everything. It is a whole system of spirititual and cultural values; it is authentic life, life in the unity with Nature, with Universe, with all real and authentic Being.

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